Quick Meals

Good evening!

About 30 minutes before going to school, I realized I hadn’t eaten yet. So I put a pot a water on the stove and made what was left of yesterday’s fresh pasta, since it cooks in only 4 minutes.
Lunch: Fettuccine with olive oil, salt and pepper.

I had less than 10 minutes to eat. I never eat that fast… kind of my fault for not looking at the time.

I had an interesting social psychology class and came home. I had to eat an easy and rapid dinner since I had a lot to read… I opened my cupboards, my fridge, my cupboards again, my fridge again. It was one of those nights when I just didn’t know what to make. Time limit didn’t help: I have everything needed to make delicious vegan burger patties but I couldn’t wait for them to bake!

And so I opened my freezer. And took this:

I’m an 18 year-old, of course I love pizza. Still, frozen prepared meals are a last resort. And it was one of those nights when you need a last resort.

I’m actually very difficult regarding frozen pizza: I don’t like any thick-crust frozen pizzas and found only two thin-crust ones that I like: the Stromboli (a restaurant in Montreal that also sells frozen pizzas) and the Ristorante.
And I never buy full-price 10$ frozen pizzas. I can make better ones for less.
I buy them when they are in special for 3$ and keep them for nights… like tonight.

I found this one maybe two months ago at a grocery store I rarely go to (IGA) since there isn’t one near where I live. I still go there sometimes because they have many products that I can’t find anywhere else: Mary’s Crackers, Health Valley‘s soup, organic coconut oil, whole-wheat waffles, Orient soba noodles

So 10 minutes later, my pizza was ready.

1 minute later I was eating my pizza.

I was surprised: it is actually very good! Beats the Ristorante big time! The crust is crisp and not too thin and it doesn’t have an over-salty taste like most prepared pizzas do.
And now I have my lunch for tomorrow. Which is a good thing if I don’t look at the time again. And a bad thing since making frozen pizza means eating this pizza two times. But a good thing again since I really need to cut on expenses, especially food expenses – I buy way too much food for my little self.

This week I’m trying to live with what I already have. Not counting healthy eating, I could probably eat for one month. So I’ll do one week ;).

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